Custom Portraits and Life Drawing


Original Artwork, Wood Burning, Sculpture, and Designs


Custom Tattoos, Original Designs, and Realistic Black & Gray

about josh:

I live in Denver but am originally from Iowa. I have enjoyed art my whole life, and been drawing for as long as I can remember. I specialize in portraits and figure/life drawing. I prefer to do original or custom designs and mostly work in charcoal, pencil, pen, and colored pencil. I recently began wood burning and sculpture as well.

I am a licensed professional Tattoo Artist in Colorado. I prefer to do original designs and custom tattoo work as well. I specialize in realistic black & gray work and have experience in most styles.

I am always looking for new models and new tattoo clients looking to get cool, quality, custom work done.

Feel free to contact me regarding purchase of original pieces or prints, custom orders, tattoos, tattoo designs, modeling opportunities, portrait requests, designs, collaborations, art communities, getting together to draw & collaborate, or anything art related.


Do you want Custom: Artwork, Portraits, Tattoos, Prints, Ouija Boards, or Wood Burning?

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